An exposition on THe forEign informatioN mAnipulation and interference​


Led by FORTH

We used methos of desk research and interviews to show different manifestations of FIMI, the Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) used by attackers and how they threaten the democratic process in the EU. The analysis will increase the EU’s ability to proactively detect, analyse and counter foreign attempts. The results will deepen our understanding of the political, behavioural and societal consequences of FIMI. 


  • An analysis of 30 manifestations of FIMI.
  • An analysis of attackers’ TTPs.
  • An analysis of political, behavioural and societal consequences of FIMI.

Led by RISE

Based on the FIMI cases studies, we will assess and develop countermeasures. This will improve our understanding of the tensions between a free, pluralistic and democratic society and anti-democratic forces. The results will extend the solution-space for policymakers, private stakeholders and civil society actors. The countermeasures will give the stakeholders a range of options to counter FIMI thus, increasing our ability to counter foreign attempts to harm the integrity of our democratic processes. 


  • Assessment and impact analysis of countermeasures against FIMI.
  • Improved and new countermeasures against FIMI.

Led by TCD

Based on different FIMI techniques and the countermeasures, we will develop technological solutions including a knowledge graph, a toolbox and dashboard. This will provide stakeholders with the tools to counter foreign attempts to harm the integrity of our democratic processes. 


  • Collection of FIMI data impacting Europe.
  • A Knowledge Graph.
  • A FIMI toolbox.
  • A highly customisable ATHENA dashboard.
  • Evaluation of ATHENA dashboard, tools and solutions.

Led by LAU

We will share the results of the first three objectives with stakeholders, including policymakers, private stakeholders and civil society actors. We will show them how they can use our countermeasures against efforts to undermine our democratic values, cyber-attacks and hate speech. 


  • Assessment of existing legal and ethical frameworks that can be deployed against FIMI.
  • Stakeholders are more informed about future FIMI threats.
  • A dynamic questionnaire aimed at helping anyone, including the general public, to spot FIMI.
  • Recommendations and response options.

Led by EOS

We will share our findings and recommendations with stakeholders through various means, including events, workshops, training materials, videos, social media and policy recommendations.


  • Dissemination of techniques and best practices.
  • Improved resilience and knowledge sharing of counter measures.
  • Training and training materials in countermeasures provided to stakeholders.
  • Public awareness campaigns.
  • Exploitation of ATHENA results.

Within all Work Packages, we strive to uphold stringent ethical research practices and contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.